NI WORLD SERVICE is a business specialized in the field of international transportation and logistics.

Our Values

Since the inception, we have built up our development on solid foundations enhanced by a shared passion of our industry. Our values are claimed, drafted and then shared by our team.

By symbolically signing the document setting them out, they all confirm their subscribing and their commitment to abide by our values.

A listening experience

  • Is to open up to others, their idea, their differences
  • Is to seek an understanding of others’ expectations.
  • Is to be caring to others.
  • Is to promote upward, downward and transversal consultation in all circumstances.
  • Is to timely explain and inform about the business changes and evolution.
  • Is to understand that we are much more creative as a group than alone.
  • Is to listen and respect the opinion of each.
  • Is to show patience.
  • Is to take time to listen and not only hear.

A commitment experience

  • Is to maintain a team spirit.
  • Is to say what we do and do what we say.
  • Is to say yes and stick to it, and say no but explain why.
  • Is to meet the set and accepted deadlines.
  • Is to accurately set out commitments and responsibilities.
  • Is to set goals and follow up their achievement.
  • Is to delegate responsibilities.
  • Is to accept failure and/or error risks
  • Is to show solidarity to the decisions made and/or actions taken.
  • Is to respect our working environment, as well as our different amenities and quality system.
  • Is to promote at all levels the initiative taking and spirit.

An innovation experience

  • Is to communicate an outstanding and powerful image.
  • Is to imagine services with strong added value, advancing those offered by our competitors.
  • Is to adapt to market evolution and anticipate our customers’ needs.
  • Is to be innovative as to new working methods, no matter what is our responsibility level.

A progress experience

  • Is to be able to call oneself into question and constantly accept it.
  • Is to know one’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Is to constantly seek benchmarks and ideas inside and outside the group, including our competitors.
  • Is to encourage internal and external training.
  • Is to enhance internal promotion as often as possible.
  • Is to permanently improve our services, our working methods and our procedures.
  • Is to enrich and develop our individual and collective know-how.