NI WORLD SERVICE is a business specialized in the field of international transportation and logistics.

Our Services

Selecting the most efficient and cost effective transportation means might prove to be a hardship. At NI WORLD SERVICE we work with you towards bringing flexible solutions that yield the most reliable and most customizable service.

As a global logistics provider, NI WORLD SERIVCE has partnered with air, land and sea carriers in order to provide integrated and customizable global transportation solutions. These partnerships allow us greater influence in the allocation of space and the negotiation of pricing, while offering more comprehensive transportation options and assistance.

We offer multimodal transportation solutions such as land+sea or air+sea+land. These multimodal options allow more flexibility in the timing and prices.

For urgent or specific shipments, we have customizable options to track your goods and to ensure their proper progress through the supply chain.

To better meet your constantly changing logistics needs, we are continually improving our transportation services through the development of customizable value-added solutions.